SCD DB tool for Scottish Country Dance teachers

1. Description

1.1 This software allows

The database contains 269 dances selected and recommended by RSCDS for the teachers who only begin to teach.

1.2 Software structure

The program consists of three screens search, export and history.

Search screen.

Provides search for dances, shows their description, allows add them to the lesson plan.

Export screen

Allows prepare lesson plan, its export and saving it to the data base.

History screen

Allows quick search stored lesson plans and their reexport.

To hop between the screens, go to "MODE" menu

2. Working with the program

2.1 Search

Choose the search criteria and press "Search". To clear all the fields, press "Reset".

2.1.1 Search criteria

2.1.2 Filling the search fields

2.1.3 Customized settings

Menus "Presets" and "Set Presets" allow customize the software and use the preferred setting. Presets settings save preferred music type and formations to eliminate dances. I.e. if your group of beginners are not familiar with pas-de-basque and strathspey, you should do the following.

  1. Reset search
  2. Un-tick music type "strathspey" and "medley"
  3. Exclude formation "setting step"
  4. Go to the menu "Set presets" and choose "Beginners"
    Your settings are now saved.
    To prepare lesson plan for your beginners class, just choose "Beginners" in "Presets" menu

2.1.3 Search results

After pressing "Search" you will see the list of the selected dances and the detailed description of the first dance. Below the list you will see the total number of the dances found. To see the description of a different dance, just change selection in the list. In the field below the description you will see the list of the formations used in the dance.

2.1.4 Export of the dance

After pressing "Export" the selected dance will be added to the lesson plan. In the same time the full description of the dance is copied to the clipboard.

2.1.5 Multiple export of the dances

While holding "CNTR" pressed select several dances from the list then press "Export". In this case all selected dances will be added to your lesson plan, but only the description of the last dance will be copied to the clipboard.

2.2 Lesson plan

By choosing "Export" from the "MODE" menu you will move to the lesson preparation screen.

2.2.1 Adding dances to the lesson plan

The list on the left contains the dances for the class only if you chose them in advance by "Export" from the Search screen.

Choose the dance (tick the box if you want also to add the list of skills and formations) and press "Add to Plan". You can select several dances at the same time. The dance will be added to the place of the cursors last position in the text field. After the dance has been added, you will see the list of formations for the lesson.

2.2.2 Saving and exporting

Conduct your lesson plan by adding your own comments and remarks. Avoid making changes in the dance description (even such as deleting a space) as the software keeps links between your lesson plan and the database. This will be especially important in the further versions of the program.

Fill in "Name" field, choose type (regular class, workshop, demo), date.

Press "Export". The lesson plan will be saved in the database; its text will be copied to the clipboard.

If you wish only to copy the text to the clipboard, then un-tick "Register" box before pressing "Export"

2.3 History

Menu "MODE" contains "History" option. "History" will allow you see all your lesson plans.

Theres a filter in the "History" screen which helps to find the previously saved lesson plans. They can be reviewed or re-exported. Date set in calendar filters all the lesson plans with earlier dates.

3. System requirements and conditions

This software was tested and is operating under S Windows (versions from XP to 7). It doesnt require any additional software, it requires minimum memory and space on disk.

All you will need a folder on your disk with the rights to create, delete and make changes in files. The program doesnt use register or creates hidden files. It is possible that the program will create temporary files in the working folder.

Upon special request, we can adjust this software for MAC OS and Linux. Currently it is possible to use our software with these operating systems through emulators.

You are very welcome to use this program as you like, share it with your friends and colleagues, who may benefit from its usage. If you feel like contributing in favor of the softwares developers, please, feel free to address your contributions accordingly (see "contacts").

4. Advanced version

Currently were testing the advanced version of the software with more functions. Its major features:

Search screen. Diagram view

Search screen. General view

Search and editing screen

5. Contacts

Please, address all your questions and comments regarding the mistakes as well as positive comments to


© 2011, Vladimir Garbuzov.